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Meet the Team

Michael Mathews


It is hard to go past one of EcoTeq’s company values for customer care – “We always finish with the right solution”. This value helps me reinforce my belief that EcoTeq will continue to be an industry leader offering new technology and products making it easier and safer for cleaners all over Australia.

Tony Millar

Tony Millar

Sales Manager

It is all about building and maintaining partnerships. And that is where I think EcoTeq wins it hands down. Our approach to customer care is foremost priority. And while we offer cutting edge solutions, we are passionate and responsive to all of our customer needs – pre and post sales.

Tammy Mathews

Tammy Mathews

Customer Care Team Leader

“It’s never crowded along the extra mile”. I love this, as it depicts our service and the lengths we go to at EcoTeq to support our customers. And I believe this to be centric to our success. One of my all-time highlights is celebrating that success, with a team helicopter ride over Melbourne. For many of us, it was out of our comfort zone. So it pushed us to develop individually, while also bonding with our teammates.

Tim Wakefield Headshot

Tim Wakefield

Operations Manager

“The only purpose of customer service …is to change feelings”, and it starts with attitude. Having a positive, we can do it mindset will filter through to the team and to our customers. I’m glad to be apart of a team that is dedicated to elevating the industry standards by setting the benchmark, then exceeding it.

Stephen Hansen

Stephen Hansen

Technical Support

The ability to adapt to changing business demands at EcoTeq has helped me evolve as a professional. Not only has the company grown manifold, but it has also helped me develop my sales and technical skills.

Joshua Doxey

Joshua Doxey


“Any idiot can point out a problem…. A leader is willing to do something about it. Leaders solve problems” – Tony Robbins. Here at EcoTeq we are committed to ensuring we provide the right solutions to all stakeholders in a timely manner. Since joining the EcoTeq team, I have been afforded many opportunities to apply my extensive experience in finance and business to ensuring we find proactive attainable solutions to get it right first time.

Jade Hamilton

Jade Hamilton


“If at first you don’t succeed, then try and try again”. At EcoTeq, we never give up. From our strength in understanding our customers, we continue to drive innovation in technology and service – to ensure we always end with the right solution. I am thrilled to be working alongside an equally passionate and dedicated team as we strive to be Australasia’s #1 floor cleaning supplier.


Brittany Millar

Sales and Marketing Assistant

“There is no point looking after someone unless you do it properly.”. Being a part of the internal sales team gives me the opportunity to use my passion and deliver the right sustainable solution to our clients. Providing excellent service at every level to our customers is what drives me every day. I am excited to grow with EcoTeq, helping clients be cleaner, greener, and smarter allowing them to achieve their zero emissions targets.

Rob Churchill Webiste Headshot

Rob Churchill

Senior Product Specialist NSW

At EcoTeq our whole team share the same vision – to put the customer first, listen to their wants and needs and offer them the right quality eco-friendly product whilst still providing quality after-sales support with a strong backing of spare parts and service options nationally. It truly is fantastic to be a part of a team and company that is genuine and truly cares for their customers .

Michael OMara Headshot

Michael O’Mara

Senior Product Specialist Victoria

I am so proud to work for EcoTeq. We provide such great customer service that it blows all of our competitors out of the water.  We always put our customers first and make sure that they are happy with our products and services. If they’re not, we go above and beyond to make things right. Not only do we have the best products, but we also have the best customer service. When you choose EcoTeq, you’re choosing the best of the best.