The EcoTeq Story

Environmental responsibility. Stakeholders want it. Rate-payers expect it. The planet needs it. But how can you reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on performance?

With powerful torque, outstanding run times and zero emissions, EcoTeq’s next-generation electric outdoor maintenance equipment means you no longer need to choose between the environment, safety and productivity. You get the best of all worlds in a high-performance, high-efficiency solution that’s great for the community, the bottom line, and the planet.

Leading the charge with Australia’s first 100% electric outdoor cleansing & landscaping equipment

The energy landscape in Australia is fundamentally shifting. Local Governments have never been under so much scrutiny when it comes to their environmental record. Rate-payers are watching. Political rivals are watching. The media is watching.

EcoTeq source from tried-and-tested industry leaders in Europe and the US, introducing Australia’s first range of 100% electric outdoor cleansing and landscaping equipment. Our mission: to support organisations with their green fleet transition, reducing their dependency on fossil fuel, and improving the spaces in which we live, work and spend our recreation time.

Our range of equipment carries market-leading environmental credentials. Built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, they are a lighter weight than machines converted from diesel, making them more powerful and efficient. When paired with a renewable energy source such as solar power to recharge, the carbon footprint becomes even less.

More productive. Less destructive.

The best part? EcoTeq afford you the opportunity to service your community in ways that are more environmentally responsible, without compromising productivity or performance, or incurring an unreasonably high cost of ownership.

Yes, it’s good for the planet. But, even more importantly, it’s good for business and the reputation of your organization.

Global Innovation. Local Experience.

Conquest and EcoTeq logo's brought together



As the global conversation became increasingly focused on climate action, Conquest founders identified an opportunity to leverage their knowledge and experience to assist Australian organisations in their transition to more sustainable solutions. Hence born EcoTeq.

With more than 40 years local experience with the facility services sector, Conquest is proud to back EcoTeq 100%.

EcoTeq’s range of compact sweepers, pressure washers, litter vacuums and commercial mowers are exclusively offered direct to market. So you have the comfort knowing you’ll receive specialist advice that’s tailored to your unique requirements.

Locally-held parts inventory and equipment servicing is available Australia-wide from facilities in major capital cities, and our network of trusted partners.

Performance without emissions – or compromise.

With EcoTeq, you no longer need to choose between the environment, safety and productivity. You get the best of all worlds in EcoTeq’s unique high-performance, high-efficiency solutions.



Cleaner, Greener, Smarter

  • Zero C02 emissions
  • 100% electric
  • Machines built with a low-carbon footprint manufacturing process
  • Zero risk of hydraulic oil leaks ending up in waterways
  • Manufactured from up to 92% recyclable materials
Co2 Savings Calculator

Co2 Savings Calculator

Good for the planet. Good for business.

EcoTeq industrial cleansing and landscaping equipment is 100% electric, producing zero emissions during operation.

Since the 1990s, standards for cars have been scrutinised around the world, forcing manufacturers to reduce vehicle emissions. However small engine equipment such as mowers and power equipment, has flown under the radar and not been so heavily regulated. For this reason, transitioning your outdoor maintenance equipment fleet to electric will have far greater impact on reducing an organisation’s carbon footprint, than swapping out your entire car fleet.

But EcoTeq’s “green” story doesn’t end there. EcoTeq equipment is manufactured from up to 92% recyclable materials, from low-impact manufacturing processes.

Protecting our waterways, too

Oil leaks present slip hazards for pedestrians, stain pavement, leach into waterways and contaminate storm water.

With EcoTeq’s range of equipment, there is no hydraulics. And no hydraulics means there is no oil, and no risk of toxic spills or contamination.



Switched on Safety

  • Low noise operation, less than 80 dB across the range
  • Low-voltage battery systems, lowering maintenance risks
  • No oil spills, reducing pedestrian slip and trip risks
  • Dust control down to just 3 micron
  • Contact-free litter and debris collection

30% quieter operation. 100% happier operators.

As cities become more compact and densely populated, minimising noise emissions in public spaces can be a massive challenge for facilities maintenance and landscape contractors.

The EcoTeq range of equipment delivers whisper-quiet but powerful performance, producing less than 80 decibels during operation. This minimises hearing risk for operators, and reduces disturbance in noise-sensitive environments.

Low voltage. Low risk.

All EcoTeq electric vehicles operate on a low-voltage system, unlike many electric cars and other EVs. This makes maintenance simpler, easier and safer.

It also means that it is safe to perform equipment maintenance without specialist training or qualifications.

No fuel. No fumes. No spills. No slips.

Built from the ground up as an electric machine, there are no hydraulics. Therefore there’s no risk of oil leaks.

No oil spills or leaks is a win for both the environment and safety. Sensitive water ways are protected from toxic chemicals, and pedestrian slip risk is mitigated too.

The safer way to serve your community.

EcoTeq’s range features solid, single piece machines. Because they are not articulated, there is no safety risk attached to becoming caught and injured in the articulation.

In busy public spaces, lights and audible alarms give the equipment greater visibility and warn pedestrians.

Operators also enjoy the comfort and the reduced risk of contact-free litter collection and emptying of waste.



Power up your performance

  • No compromise between power and reliability
  • Designed and manufactured with advanced technology in Europe and the US
  • Extended autonomy between charges
  • Lithium batteries offer a longer lifecycle than lead acid or AGM batteries
  • 70% reduction in maintenance costs compared to diesel machines
  • 90% saving on diesel or petrol fuel costs
  • More energy-transfer-efficient than thermal hydraulic and electric hydraulic systems
  • Fast charge options in as little as 3 hours

It’s time to rethink electric

With a hard-earned reputation for performance across Europe and North America, EcoTeq 100% electric maintenance solutions are engineered to deliver maximum torque, power and run-times – with zero compromise.

Advances in electric vehicle technology have made it possible to power commercial operators through a full day’s shift on a single battery charge.

Highly robust and durable, they’re significantly easier, faster and cheaper to maintain than the traditional combustion-powered equipment in your fleet.

Purpose-built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, they are lighter, and therefore more efficient. A low waste of energy allows for a lower energy demand of the machine, giving greater autonomy and reducing operational and maintenance costs.


The power to charge through a full shift

Tried and tested the world over, EcoTeq equipment allows operators to work a full days shift on a single battery charge – no mid-shift battery changeover necessary.

There are options for fast 3-hour recharge and on some models, EcoTeq offer options to extend run times such as adding a solar canopy or an interchangeable battery pack.

When the machine’s power is running low, unnecessary features will be switched off whilst retaining the core function, so that have sufficient time to return to their charging base.