The EcoTeq Story

EcoTeq’s mission: a cleaner, greener community

We live in one of the greatest environments on the planet. Yet all too often our urban spaces feel crowded, noisy and dirty. Fossil fuel-based cleaning solutions can be part of the problem. However, with EcoTeq leading the zero emissions charge, we’re helping organisations reach their environmental targets without compromising safety and productivity.

Australia’s first zero-emission 100% electric outdoor cleaning and maintenance equipment

With a growing demand for equipment to help organisations meet their zero emissions targets, we sourced Australia’s first range of 100% electric cleaning and maintenance equipment to help meet those targets.

Since then, we have grown our range of 100% electric outdoor cleaning and maintenance equipment to reduce the cleaning industry’s dependence on fossil fuels and improve the spaces in which we live, work and visit.

Using battery technology means these machines emit nothing harmful to the environment and the community. Coupled with renewable energy sources at the charging points, they truly are a zero emissions machine.

Sourced from Europe, most of our range is manufactured in Italy’s innovative automotive industry precinct by a company that strives for a zero-emissions manufacturing process. The carbon footprint of these machines is almost non-existent.


Safe, low-noise operation

Safe for operators and passers-by, use these machines without disturbance in busy public or built-up urban spaces. With their low noise levels, low voltage systems, built-in safety features, dust control and contact-free collection of litter and debris, they’re perfect for public places.

Efficient and productive performance

All this comes with no compromise to performance.

With an innovative, technology-led design and quality components and engineering, EcoTeq machines are robust, powerful and efficient and will match any diesel cleaning equipment.


Global Innovation backed by Local Experience

Conquest and EcoTeq logo's brought together



With the global conversation increasingly focused on protecting the environment, the founders of Conquest identified an opportunity to make positive change by assisting like-minded organisations transition to more sustainable solutions. Henceborn Conquest’s sister company, EcoTeq.

Suppliers of innovative zero emission outdoor maintenance equipment, EcoTeq is on a mission to educate and support local organisations and government bodies achieve their sustainability targets – without compromising on productivity or performance.

As specialists in industrial and commercial floor cleaning equipment with more than 40 years local experience in the facility services sector, Conquest is proud to back EcoTeq 100% with national administration, parts distribution and service support.


The EcoTeq Difference

Don’t choose between the environment, safety and productivity. Achieve all three with EcoTeq’s unique, sustainable cleaning solutions.


Environmentally friendly

  • Zero C02 emissions
  • 100% electric
  • Machines built with a low-carbon footprint manufacturing process
  • Zero risk of hydraulic oil leaks ending up in waterways
  • Manufactured from up to 92% recyclable materials
Co2 Savings Calculator

Co2 Savings Calculator

Meet zero emissions targets

Our industrial cleaning machines are 100% electric, producing zero emissions. When an organisation uses a renewable energy source like solar power to recharge, then an EcoTeq machine can help drive their carbon footprint down even further.

At EcoTeq, we’re all about improving the spaces where we live, work and visit. With no emissions and whisper-quiet technology, our outdoor cleaning range won’t disturb people in these spaces, which is especially important in sensitive areas.

Built from the ground up as an electric vehicle, they are a lighter weight than machines converted from diesel to electric, making them more powerful and efficient.

It’s not just the machines the produce zero emissions. They were manufactured from up to 92% recyclable materials in a factory that has a low-impact manufacturing process.

Using advanced technology, our electric cleaning equipment’s intelligent design will conserve battery power by ceasing non-core functions when it power starts running low, allowing operators to return to base safely.
Because our electric machines are low voltage, they’re safe for in-house maintenance teams to service.

Protecting waterways

With no hydraulics, there’s no risk of a toxic oil leak or spill. Oil leaks present slip hazards for pedestrians, stain pavement, and leach into waterways, contaminating storm water. Outdoor cleaning crews will never have to worry about this.

Strive towards zero emissions targets with our range of safe, efficient and eco-friendly electric sweepers, washers and street vacuums.


Designed with safety in mind

  • Low noise operation with sound emissions reduced by up to 30%
  • Low-voltage battery systems, lowering maintenance risks
  • No oil spills and reduced pedestrian slip and trip risks
  • Dust control and contact-free litter and debris collection

Low noise operation

As cities become more compact and densely populated, noise pollution is a big challenge for organisations invested in cleaning public spaces.
Our range of electric outdoor cleaning machines operate up to 30% quieter than fossil fuel-powered equipment.

When low noise operation is needed in sensitive and busy public areas, EcoTeq machines deliver a whisper-quiet but powerful performance.

Low voltage machines

EcoTeq electric vehicles operate on a low-voltage system. This makes maintenance much simpler, easier and safer.

While other electric vehicles usually use high-voltage systems, ours don’t. This means less risk for maintenance teams and they don’t need specialist training and qualifications.

No risk of oil leaks

Built from the ground up with safety in mind, there are no hydraulics in these machines, therefore there’s no risk of oil leaks, reducing both environmental and safety hazards.

If a diesel machine experiences a leak in its hydraulic system, the operator could spill oil in a public area. This becomes a potential pedestrian slip hazard. It can also permanently damage and stain paving or bluestone paths.

Safe for operators

Contact-free litter and debris collection is a key feature of our machines. There’s no need for operators to literally get their hands dirty while keeping city streets, footpaths and outdoor spaces clean.

Packed with safety features

When used in busy public spaces, lights and alarms give the equipment greater visibility and warn pedestrians.

Our EcoTeq machines are solid, single piece machines. They are not articulated, further reducing safety hazards because there is no risk of someone becoming caught and injured in the articulation.


Improved productivity and efficiency

  • No compromise between power and reliability
  • Designed and manufactured with advanced technology in Europe
  • Extended autonomy between charges
  • Lithium batteries with a longer lifecycle than lead acid or AGM batteries
  • 70% reduction in maintenance costs compared to diesel machines
  • 90% saving on diesel or petrol fuel costs
  • More energy-transfer-efficient than thermal hydraulic and electric hydraulic systems
  • Fast charge options in as little as 3 hours

No compromise required

Productivity and efficiency are the cornerstone of any efficient business operation.

EcoTeq machines bring the environmental and safety benefits organisations need without compromising on performance. Recent advances in electric vehicle technology have made it possible to deliver the performance that street sweepers, washers and vacuums need in a clean, green way.

The machines in our EcoTeq range are purpose-built from the ground up as an electric vehicle. Because they are not converted from diesel machines into electric vehicles, our machines are lighter, which makes them more efficient. Lighter weight machines perform better on sensitive surfaces like paving without the risk of damaging it.

The power and performance capability of electric outdoor cleaning equipment now matches diesel-powered machines, but with low noise and without the emissions that make it difficult for organisations to meet their zero emissions targets.

A low waste of energy allows for a lower energy demand of the machine, giving greater autonomy and reducing operational and maintenance costs.

Productive operator shifts

Because EcoTeq machines run continuously for 8 hours or longer, a single operator can complete a full shift on a single charge. There are options for fast 3-hour recharge and the EcoSweep 360 offers an optional interchangeable battery pack to allow for operation beyond the standard 8-hour run time.

With built-in controls, if the machine’s power is running low, it will switch off unnecessary features and retain the core function so operators won’t be stranded and can still return to base.

Where performance and safety intersect

Our EcoTeq machines offer the same features and performance options available on traditional diesel-powered models. Our range of machines give the discerning buyer the choice to find the right machine that perfectly suits their needs.