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Battery Charging & Range

What type/brand of batteries do you use?

EcoTeq equipment is powered by a range of different batteries and brands, tailored to each unique application / model. Our Mowers are powered by Lithium batteries, while the Sweepers offer the option of Lead Acid, AGM or Lithium in some models.

What happens if I run out of battery when operating?

EcoTeq electric equipment have built-in low-range warning indicator and a battery-reserve feature. When the battery is running low on capacity, all functions switch off, allowing you approximately 20 minutes of operation to return to a charging station.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

From completely depleted, most batteries will charge in 8-12 hours. We typically recommend charging overnight.

Are there quick charge options available?

Yes, there are fast charge options available for some models, which can fully charge the battery in as little as 3 hours.

How do you charge the battery? Do I need any special equipment?

Most of the equipment in the EcoTeq range come with an external charger that plugs into a standard power source and then connects to the machine. EcoTeq mowers will charge from a standard 240v power point, whilst some of the larger sweepers require a 3-phase plug. There are options on some models for onboard chargers, that can either connect to a power point or Type 2 Electric Vehicle Street Charger.

Do I need to remove the battery from the machine to charge?

No, the battery always stays in your machine.

How much does it cost to charge a battery?

The cost of charging is subject to variables such as battery size, starting state-of-charge and electricity supply charges. As an indication, we estimate an overnight battery charge to be approximately $3-$5 per charge. This cost can be further offset by charging from renewable sources, such as adding an optional solar canopy to your mower.

What is the memory on the batteries?

Lithium batteries, such as those featured in EcoTeq’s mowers, have no memory. We recommend plugging the mowers in to charge after each use. This will not affect the life of the batteries. Lead Acid batteries however will develop memory and need to be discharged to 20% before recharging, to maintain maximum battery life

How long will the battery last?

The life expectancy of batteries varies by type. The Lithium batteries that power EcoTeq mowers have a life expectancy of around 7000 hours. Lead Acid batteries however are measured in cycles, and can be recharged around 1500 times

How much does a replacement battery cost?

The cost of replacement batteries varies significantly by each type and size. Please call us on 1800 100 150 for pricing relevant to your application.


What happens to batteries at the end of their useful life?

According to the CSIRO, around 98% of lead acid batteries sold in 2010 were recycled. Approximately 95% of componentry in lithium batteries can be repurposed, and there are already some organisations tackling this challenge in Australia and internationally. EcoTeq is working on medium-term plan to support future battery recycling efforts in Australia.

Can the equipment be recycled at the end of its useful life?

Our equipment is produced from up to 95% recyclable materials.

Is it really “green”, when you are still charging from the grid?

Ecoteq encourage the use of renewable energy sources for charging where feasible, and offer solar canopies for use with our range of mowers. The national power grid is itself becoming “greener” each year, with the Clean Energy Council reporting that more than 27% of Australia’s electricity came from clean energy sources in 2020; wind and rooftop solar is reportedly leading the way.

What do you mean by “100% zero emission”?

We simply mean that our equipment will not produce emissions during operation. While we are mindful of minimising our impact on the environment at every stage in our journey, including the use of recycled materials and renewable energy sources in manufacture, unfortunately the technology is not yet available to allow for 100% zero emissions from production through to freighting and end-of-life processing. We are proud to be a forerunner driving positive change in this space and will continue efforts to minimise our impact.

Service & Warranty

What do I do if my equipment breaks down?

EcoTeq have a network of service centres across Australia. For prompt support, you can call us 1800 100 150 or email

Do I need a certificate to perform maintenance on electric equipment?

All of EcoTeq’s machines operate on a safe 48-volt system, so no formal qualifications are required. The threshold for specialist training and certifications is for equipment over 50 volts.

What maintenance is required?

One huge advantage of Electric Vehicles is that they require very little maintenance, due to fewer moving parts and a direct drive system rather than belts or hydraulics. All that is required is some simple daily checks, keeping the machine clean and replacing wearing parts such as mower blades and sweeper brooms.

Do you keep spare parts in Australia?

EcoTeq has invested in locally held inventory of spare parts and consumables, to ensure any downtime is kept to a minimum. With service centres located across Australia, we are confident we can get the parts you need to you fast, so you can get back on the job in no time.

What is the warranty offered by EcoTeq?

All EcoTeq equipment is covered by a minimum 2-year commercial manufacturers’ warranty. Some manufactures offer longer and/or extended warranties. The battery warranty may be different to the machine warranty.

What is the warranty on the battery?

The batteries are covered by the battery manufacturers’ warranty. The Lithium batteries featured in our mowers are covered by a 5-year warranty limited warranty of 5-years or 1500 hours (whichever comes first). Years 1 & 2 parts and labour are covered. Years 3-5 parts only is covered. The battery warranty varies in our other equipment by model and battery type. We’d be glad to discuss this with you.


How far will I get on a single battery charge?

EcoTeq’s commercial mowers are engineered to power you through full days’ shift. From a single battery charge, you can expect:

  • 7-8 hours of continuous run time
  • Maximum speeds of up to 18.5km/hr
  • Mowing coverage of up to 30 Acres (subject too model and deck size)
Can EcoTeq mowers cut long, tough grass?

EcoTeq electric commercial mowers tackle long, toughened grass with ease. The power and torque of an electric mower is superior to traditional combustion engine machines. As the traditional machines relied on belts or hydraulics to transfer the power to the blade, there is always energy loss. With an Electric Mower, the blade is directly connected to a direct drive motor with zero energy loss allowing it to tackle the toughest applications. Removing the mulching plates further assists long grass slashing.
Watch our video demonstration to see for yourself.

What about cutting fine grass?

Yes, fine grass is no problem when mowing on the high-speed setting of 18,000 ft/p/m.

What slope can the mowers handle?

EcoTeq Mean Green mowers are certified to slopes of 20 degrees. The battery pack is mounted as such to ensure a very low centre of gravity, to maintain stability on slopes and uneven terrain.

Do I need to wear hearing protection when mowing?

EcoTeq mowers operate under 80dB, so hearing protection is at your discretion. Most operators find this to be a comfortable noise volume without hearing protection, akin to the hum of local traffic, but does vary depending on the type of grass being cut.

How long do the blades last?

The blades are very similar to those of traditional mowers and have a similar life expectancy under the same operating conditions.

Do you offer a catcher model?

Yes, we offer catchers as an option on our side-discharge mower models.

What spindles are used?

EcoTeq mowers feature a direct drive system, meaning they don’t actually operate on spindles. If the blades hit a rock for example, the motors will turn off automatically.

Where are the mowers manufactured?

Our mowers are produced by renown US manufacturer, Mean Green, and exclusively distributed in Australia by EcoTeq.

Where can I buy?

In order to offer you as our customers the very best pricing, EcoTeq have a direct-to-market model, with outlets all across Australia. Call 1800 100 150 for a no obligation conversation with a product solutions specialist.

How much do they cost?

Pricing of our commercial electric mowers is very much tailored to your preferences, offering you the choice of deck size, battery size, blower position, and other customisations such as catchers, solar charging canopies, lighting, registration and more. For indicative pricing on the model of interest, you can Chat with us below, or call our friendly team on 1800 100 150.

Do you offer finance?

We can assist with finance through a third party. Ask us about current interest rates and repayments.

Do you offer a smaller/larger models?

We are continually reviewing and evolving our product range. To keep up to date, follow us on socials, or subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

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