EcoMax 100 | 100% Electric Sweeper

World’s First Battery-Powered Electric Sidewalk Sweeper

This sleek walk-behind pavement sweeper is the ultimate eco-friendly cleaner. Electric-powered technology and clever internal and external insulation drastically reduce noise emission, while zero harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere.

It features a wide 1250 mm sweeping path, with two shock absorbing front brooms and a convenient 120 mm diameter suction hose ideal for collecting large litter and debris from urban streets and footpaths. Offering up to 8 hours of continuous operation and easy manoeuverability, expect a reliable clean, every time.

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Why choose the EcoMax 100?

Keep streets and footpaths clean in a way that’s safe for both operators and pedestrians. With the EcoMax 100, there’s no need to spend on fossil fuels and maintenance costs are dramatically reduced. Its battery power will deliver an efficient clean all day, every day. Double the battery life with an optional battery upgrade.

Benefits of the EcoMax 100

  • Zero emissions
  • 100% electric, eliminating hydraulics and oil
  • Reduction of over 30% of sound emissions
  • Safe for operators and pedestrians
  • Save over 70% on maintenance costs
  • 8– 10 hours of continuous running time
  • Easy maintenance, thanks to self-diagnostics and remote monitoring
  • Save over 90% on fuel costs (diesel or petrol)
  • No risk of hydraulic oil leaking
  • Plug and play
  • Rechargeable everywhere
  • Recyclable up to 92%
  • Reliable and powerful
  • Intuitive, easy to use and comfortable to drive
  • Customisation options available
  • Flexible service packages available