Litter Vaccuum


Welcome to the future of public waste collection. Light, powerful and effortless to use, EcoTeq electric-powered litter vacuums are the perfect choice for collecting waste and debris quickly with no fuss, no touching and no fumes.


ECOVAC 240 Wheelie Bin Electric Litter Vacuum


Collect more waste, faster, with up to 18 hours between charges.

The EcoVac 240 is a powerful yet lightweight street vacuum with an interchangeable 240-litre wheelie bin waste collection system. Easily operable by just one person, it’s as efficient as five operators working manually and requires no contact with any waste or debris. The innovative design features an advanced 24V/1500W electric motor and vacuum turbine for outstanding performance with low noise and zero emissions. Versatile and highly manoeuvrable, the EcoVac 240 delivers 15-18 hours of continuous sweeping between charges, making it perfect for efficiently and safely collecting litter, waste and debris from a wide range of outdoor public spaces.

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Key features:

  • Zero emissions and low-noise
  • Self-propelled electronic drive with a 360-degree turning radius
  • Large 240-litre wheelie bin waste collection capacity
  • Safely operable by one person with no waste contact
  • 15-18 hours of continuous sweeping between recharges
  • Powerful 24V/1500W Suction Motor
  • Ergonomic 125mm diameter suction tube with adjustable arm rest
  • Bluetooth wireless controller
  • Automatic dust filter cleaning system
  • APSA Pedestrian Safety Alert System
  • Solid, puncture-proof tyres
  • Flexible service packages available

Customised upgrade options:

Health and safety

  • HEPA filter for advanced filtration
  • Automatic fire extinguisher system
  • Pressure sprayer for spot cleaning and sanitising
  • Hand litter picker

Improved convenience and performance

    • Longer suction hoses