EcoWash 100 | Electric Floor Washer | Battery-operated Sidewalk Pressure Washer

Battery-Powered Electric Eco-friendly Sidewalk Washer

The EcoWash 100 is the perfect solution for cleaning and washing footpaths, pedestrian zones, car parks and any small-to-medium size indoor or outdoor environment.

A fully electric floor washer, it’s significantly quieter to run than diesel machines and it offers a reliable and powerful 8—10 hours of continuous use. Upgrade the battery pack for double the run time.

With walk-behind or ride-on capabilities, a 900 mm front washing bar and a high-pressure washing sprayer with interchangeable nozzles and 12 m hose, it’s a safe, easy-to-use and efficient sidewalk washer.

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Why choose the EcoWash 100?

When you need a reliable machine that provides a timesaving and effective clean across different types of outdoor spaces, choose the EcoWash 100. With its customisation options, the EcoWash 100 provides the flexibility of transforming a walk-behind washer into a ride-on one for greater operator comfort.

Benefits of the EcoWash 100

  • Save over 90% on fuel costs (diesel or petrol)
  • Save over 70% on maintenance costs
  • No risk of hydraulic oil leaking
  • Easy maintenance, thanks to self-diagnostics and remote monitoring
  • Easy to use and comfortable to drive
  • Improvement of urban environment
  • Reduction of over 30% of sound emissions
  • Improvement of the operator’s and citizen’s quality of life
  • Zero Co2 emissions to reduce global pollution
  • Reliable and powerful
  • 8—10 hours of autonomy
  • Rechargeable everywhere
  • Recyclable up to 92%
  • 100% electric
  • Flexible service packages available