ECOWASH 100 Electric Compact Footway Pressure Washer


Customisable high pressure sidewalk washer with walk-behind or ride-on options.

The EcoWash 100 is a safe, easy-to-use and highly efficient sidewalk washer. Powered by an advanced zero-emission 1200W A/C traction motor with differential gearbox, it’s significantly quieter (and more affordable) to run than diesel or petrol alternatives. A maximum speed of 8kmh delivers hourly cleaning coverage of 5,400m2 with up to 10 hours of continuous use between charges. With the flexibility to be used in walk-behind or ride-on configurations, it comes fitted with a 900mm front washing bar and 2 x 105-litre water tanks, making it a hugely versatile solution for washing sidewalks, pedestrian zones, car parks and other small-to-medium sized outdoor environments.

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Key features:

  • Zero emissions
  • 100% electric eliminating hydraulics and oil
  • 1200W A/C traction motor with differential gearbox
  • 8–10 hours of continuous running time
  • 2 x 105-litre water tank capacity
  • 5-litre disinfectant tank capacity
  • Reduction of over 30% of sound emissions
  • Save over 90% on fuel costs (diesel or petrol)
  • Save over 70% on maintenance costs
  • 8-10 hours of autonomy
  • Recyclable up to 92%

Customised upgrade options:

  • 210-litre tanks onboard
  • High pressure washer
  • Chargers for Gel/Acid Batteries
  • On-board ramps for sidewalks
  • Two-wheeled, removable chariot for the operator
  • Beacon
  • Professional broom and grabber kit
  • Rear-view mirror
  • Rear lights and flashing lights
  • Lithium/Gel/Acid Batteries
  • Retractable hose reel