FURY 32” Electric Li-ion Stand-on Zero Turn Mower


Extremely compact and powerful with up to 7 hours of continuous mowing on a single charge.

Leveraging the same patented electric technology found in larger models, the EcoTeq FURY is a compact and highly manoeuvrable electric mower built for all-day professional use with a “gate-friendly” cutting width of 32″.

With super low noise levels, it’s as quiet as suburban traffic – allowing operators to cover more ground without the risk of public disturbance.

The advanced Impulse Drive System (IDS)™ outputs the equivalent of a 24hp internal combustion engine, making it competitive with any conventionally-fuelled mower in its class. Coupled with a lightweight aircraft alloy construction and a low centre of gravity, FURY is built for stability when tracking slopes up to 15°.

FURY delivers up to seven hours of continuous mowing on a single battery charge and it’s compact build make it ideal for domestic or urban spaces.

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Releash the Fury on long grass with this zero emissions, 100% electric Stand-on mower.

Key features:

  • Zero emissions, hydraulics or oil
  • 100% electric Impulse Drive System™
  • 11kWh drive output – equivalent to 24hp diesel
  • Quiet operation
  • 15° slope capability
  • 7 hours of continuous mowing per charge
  • Interactive Glove-Touch Screen Display
  • SmartDeck™ Rapid Height Deck Lift System
  • Rear grass discharge
  • Compact width to fit a standard gate