RIVAL 52”/60” Electric Li-ion Ride-on Zero Turn Mower


All-day performance and comfort with up to 15 acres of continuous mowing on a single charge.

Engineered for power, versatility, stability and comfort, the EcoTeq RIVAL is an excellent all-round choice for community mowing needs.

The 100% electric Impulse Drive System™ produces horsepower comparable to a 36hp gas mower and maximum speeds of 18kmh – with low noise and zero emissions.

Operable with your choice of a 52″ or 60″ deck, each charge delivers up to 7 hours of continuous run time allowing crews to mow up to 15 acres per shift.

EcoTeq RIVAL also features an ergonomically designed customisable high-back suspension seat to ensure optimum operator safety and comfort levels at all times.

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Landscape Specialist Andrew Tulloch reviewed his test drive of the Rival commercial ride-on zero turn mower for Landscape Contractor Magazine.

Key features:

  • Zero emissions, hydraulics or oil
  • 100% electric Impulse Drive System™
  • 8.25kW (DECK) & 6.8kW (DRIVE) – equivalent to 36hp petrol
  • Quiet operation – just 78dB
  • 7½ hours of continuous mowing per charge
  • 20° slope capability
  • Interactive Touch Screen Display
  • SmartDeck™ Rapid Height Deck Lift System
  • Choice of Side or Rear grass discharge
  • Michelin TWEEL® airless radial tyres (front)
  • Highly manoeuvrable for tight areas
  • SAM Solar Canopy (optional)

Industry leaders driving the charge with Rival:

Industry leaders around Australia have already embraced the Rival. Among these is Matt Mobbs of Road Maintenance & Transport NSW, who garnered attention on 9News expressing the Rival praise as “the Tesla of mowers.” Brisbane-based Landscape Contractor Brenton Waite of TW Horticultural also declares he is “completely sold” and will never be buying another petrol mower. Local Councils have likewise embraced green fleet transition in support of achieving looming zero emissions targets. Sunshine Coast Council Mayor Mark Jamieson proudly boasts the largest fleet of commercial-grade, 100% electric ride-on mowers among Australian local governments.