VANQUISH 52”/60” Electric Li-ion Stand-on Zero Turn Mower


Super quiet and manoeuvrable with up to 10 acres of continuous mowing on a single charge.

Engineered for outstanding endurance and manoeuvrability, the EcoTeq VANQUISH is an electric mower built for all-day professional use with cutting widths of 52″ or 60″.

With super low noise levels of just 78 decibels, it’s no louder than light suburban traffic – allowing teams to start earlier and cover more ground with less disturbances.

The advanced Impulse Drive System (IDS)™ outputs the equivalent of a 37hp diesel engine, making it competitive with any conventionally-fuelled mower in its class. Coupled with a lightweight aircraft alloy construction, it also requires less power to move around which equates to faster speeds (up to 18.5kmh) and longer run times.

VANQUISH delivers seven and half hours of continuous mowing – up to 10 acres – on a single charge, making it the ideal choice for maintaining mid-sized public spaces.

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Vanquish long grass and emissions with this 100% electric Stand-on mower.

Key features:

  • Zero emissions, hydraulics or oil
  • 100% electric Impulse Drive System™
  • 8.25kW (DECK) & 6.8kW (DRIVE) – equivalent to 37hp diesel
  • Quiet operation – just 78dB
  • 7½ hours of continuous mowing per charge
  • 20° slope capability
  • Interactive Touch Screen Display
  • SmartDeck™ Rapid Height Deck Lift System
  • Choice of Side or Rear grass discharge
  • Michelin TWEEL® airless radial tyres (front)
  • Highly manoeuvrable for tight areas