Who we are

With powerful torque, outstanding run times and zero emissions, EcoTeq is the pinnacle of electric outdoor maintenance equipment. Using next-generation technologies perfected in Europe and North America, you no longer have to choose between the environment, safety and productivity. You get the best of all worlds in a high-performance, high-efficiency solution that’s great for the community, the bottom line, and the planet.


Cleaner, Greener, Smarter

Your environmental credentials have never been so important, or as heavily scrutinised. EcoTeq delivers the perfect solutions, with the world’s most advanced range of 100% electric maintenance equipment offering outstanding energy efficiency, emission reductions and sustainability.


Switched on Safety

Safer equipment means safer workers, residents and communities. Featuring the world’s most advanced low-noise low-voltage engineering, EcoTeq’s 100% electric maintenance solutions are significantly lighter, quieter and cleaner than combustion-powered equivalents, making them the smart new choice for keeping your community clean, quiet and safe.


Power Up your Performance

With a hard-earned reputation for performance across Europe and North America, EcoTeq 100% electric maintenance solutions are engineered to deliver maximum torque, performance and run-times, with zero compromise. Highly robust and durable, they’re also significantly easier to maintain than the older combustion-powered equipment in your fleet.

Next generation maintenance equipment.

Our range of electric outdoor maintenance equipment allow you to take charge of tomorrow … without compromising today.


Commercial Mowers

Mowing Performance without Peer

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Street Sweepers

High Power, Lower Noise, Zero Emissions

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Street Washers

High Pressure, Highly Efficient

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Litter Vacuums

Lightweight, Efficient and Safe

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